Draw a Winding Staircase in Perspective

Jul 6th

Winding staircase – Perspective drawing can make your drawings more realistic and adds depth. Drawing a winding staircase in perspective may seem like a difficult task. But if you stick to single-point perspective, you can achieve the image with relative ease. Once you master a winding staircase in single-point perspective, you can try other perspective drawings.

Awesome Winding Staircase Design
Awesome Winding Staircase Design

Draw a winding staircase in perspective, use a pencil, draw the vanishing point (the point at which all lines gather and recede) in the middle lower part of the page. Curve the line around from the vanishing until the line goes out to the upper right side of the paper. Add a winding parallel to the first to complete Guideline for stairs.

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Draw small curves around the outside of the winding staircase. These curves are the guidelines for the wall. Add windows that are in perspective by drawing a straight line up from vanishing. Draw another line beside this and connect the top and bottom with a curved line. Add steps with lines that in line with vanishing. You can do this easily track your pencil from vanishing into the stage and then firmly draw a line of steps. Add lines for the vertical seams of the bricks in the same way that you added the stairs lines. Delete all the guidelines and the vanishing point. In the entire drawing. Let the ink dry. Remove the pencil.

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