Installing Staircase Carpet

Aug 17th

Staircase carpet – Installation of the carpet on the stairs and step helps reduce the noise from everyday use. The mat will also cover scratches or wear and tear that occurs over time. When installing carpet on stairs and steps, keep safety in mind so you can prevent serious injuries due to fall or lose your balance. Homeowners can easily install staircase carpet and steps when you are using the right tools and supplies.

Astounding Staircase Carpet Modern
Astounding Staircase Carpet Modern


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Measure the width of the stair tread or step with a tape measure. Use the measuring tape to measure the floor vertically to get the length, and add 3 inches in length in total to account for the extra carpet needed to add the padding. Clips thanks strip with a hacksaw to fit the width measurement of each step. Low thank strip in the stair crotch, or the very back of each stair tread.

Measure enough carpet padding to extend from the front of the tack strip, the whole way the stair nose. Use a staple gun to protect the staircase carpet. Staple the carpet to the stairs, starting at the bottom of the first riser, work your way up when installing carpets.

Pull the carpet up the stairs from the ground and set it over the filling. Using the knee kicker – teeth side down – to secure the carpet of thanks strip, situated in the stair crotch. High knee kicker back and forth across the cover strip to ensure the carpet is thick over thanks strip pins. Continue throughout the installation until all stairs or steps are properly covered with carpet.

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