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[LA001] Life Aquatic Records Release  :


Our first release comes from the bedroom of Darcy Baylis from Melbourne. This teenage wunderkind has been making some pretty chill tunes in the last few months and made some waves with his free self titled EP. The murky sounds of Velvet play like a darkly tropical dance track. Sampling eerie video game dialog he strengthens the image of an isolated bedroom artist.

The b-side to the Velvet 7” will premiere on one of our favorite blogs in about a weeks time, so keep your eyes open for that one.

The amazing album art was taken by the photographer Ivana Cunja from Slovenia. The photo comes from a group of underwater shots taken by her with a disposable camera. Follow her photo makings on flickr. Purple Lingerie

You can all go and pre-order the 7” over at our newly launched Bigcartel page. The vinyls will be sent out in late January or early February. With a limited press of 250, we are hoping to sell out at one stage (fingers tightly crossed).

Our second and third release have been penciled in already, so we’ll hopefully have a minimum of 3 releases for 2011. Its going to be a great year for Australian music.

[LA001] mp3 : Naminé // Velvet

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